Why Choose Paperell.com For Academic Help?

Last month I had to work on 2 college essays. One of them looked good, clear and understandable, but the other one… the professor said I could just write it better in order to get a higher mark. Firstly, I was upset, but my friend told me that this is not a bad sign, but a good chance to prove myself that I am a qualified specialist and have enough knowledge about “Roles and responsibilities of a teacher”. I always knew that there are services that help students with writing essays. However, I never used their help. I always thought I can do everything on my own, but here I just didn’t have a clue what to do and therefore, after consulting with my roommate, I explored Paperell.com writing service and I’m glad that I can finally take a break from endless writing. The price also played the role when I was selecting the right service. As I can’t afford to pay a lot for an academic paper, I found Paperell.com essay writing service as one of the most affordable and cheap companies, as they offer high-quality essays from only $18 (and this is without a discount or promo code). The prices vary depending on several factors. In the following parts of my review, I will be explaining my first experience in hiring Paperell.com to edit my essay.

Nice People, Fast Result

I always read the reviews and feedbacks from the customers before I buy something or order specific services. I was happy to find them on the site’s main page. Generally, the customers were satisfied with the results, so I finally decided to place an order at this professional online essay writing service.

After I discussed my order with customer service person I was pretty sure that I entrust my paper to the professionals. The customer service was always ready to answer my questions quickly. The website’s interface is pretty minimalistic, what makes me feel good as I love simple colors, small boxes, and menus. The registration process was fast enough as the service is anonymous and safe. All I did is just indicated my e-mail and picked the type of the paper I want to order and then I went to the detailed page of the order, where I had to fill in a few fields:

  • Type of paper;
  • Topic;
  • Subject;
  • Number of pages;
  • Deadline;
  • Type of service;
  • Writer’s quality;
  • Format of citation;
  • Cited sources.

There is also a separate field to indicate your personal wishes and requirements.

I also loved that I can get any information about the writers, their ratings, reviews, and the quantity of completed papers. Here I also found that the writers are mostly Americans, but I’ve noticed a couple from Europe, which is not a bad thing as I am confident that they all are native English speakers. This indicates that this essay writing company is legit.

I placed my order at https://paperell.com/thesis-writing-service and (as I didn’t have the certain deadline date) begun doing my stuff. In three days, I was notified that my paper is ready and waiting for me – I had a specific instruction about one of the parts of the essay, but I absolutely forgot to indicate it. Therefore, when I was chatting with the person who writes my essay, I told him about this confusion. And he just did it for me in about an hour after my revision. The overall quality of the paper dazes and left me speechless; the professor is happy (not sure if they can feel something, but hope they do) and finally, I received a high mark. I’m surprised by their work.

My Verdict

  • Interface: excellent;
  • Ease of use: pretty easy;
  • Customer support: fast, informative;
  • Payment methods: different ways to pay for the paper and it is good that the payment goes after the paper is done;
  • Quality of the paper: brilliant.