A Comprehensive Review of Superiorpapers.Com Essay Writing Services

With only a few days left before the deadline to submit my College essay expired, I was sure that I would not complete it in time, a realization that led me to seek professional essay writing help. While browsing through the various available options on the internet, I eventually made up my mind to place an order on SuperiorPapers.com. Being an Australian national, I was particularly worried that I would have a bit of trouble due to the language barrier, but luckily for me, my worries disappeared once I discovered that they had a phone number dedicated for Australians. Here is my review of the agency and what I learned about them:

SuperiorPapers.com Review:

Established in 1997, this essay writing site is well-known not just for its high-quality term paper help, but also for its interactive and reliable customer support system. With this in mind, I made a step to check out the company. Read through my review of SuperiorPapers to also learn about its other qualities.


Initially, I was of the opinion that oh well, this is a short list. Although after visiting the writing Service page I found some other several great offers, I cannot recommend this service to anyone that is looking for a variety of writing services.


With writing services, prices are one of the primary indicators of scum. The prices at this site were something of a surprise to me since I had read numerous statements of it being ‘very low prices’ online. While you get a starting price of about $19.99 per page, this rate is not necessarily cheap, not to mention that these rates further surge as the deadline nears. As I learned, this site calculates the prices based on several factors including the number of pages, the type and the quality of the papers. However, while I did observe that they offer remarkable discounts, the prices were still too high. What’s more, their price calculation system was unfortunately very time-consuming, which is why I would not hire their services any other time I have a tight deadline.

Content Quality:

Although the initial prices almost turned me off, the discounts were hard to resist, so I went ahead to make an order for a research paper. However, I decided to give them a short period to complete it, and they did not entirely disappoint, at least not when it came to prompt delivery! While they did submit my paper within my 3-day deadline, the document I received was not as faultless as they promised. I liked that the paper came with no plagiarism whatsoever and it was formatted correctly as per my request. My concern, however, was that on going through my paper, I came across a few typos, something I did not expect from a professional essay writing service. Luckily, though, after complaining to the customer support agents, they offered to do my revision, a benefit they provide on inquiry. Even so, for a paper that I had paid quite a fortune for; it was a massive letdown. Excellent quality of papers has SameDayPapers, here a review about it.


After going through the site and enquiring from the customer care service, I learned that the company boasts 25 accredited writers either have a Ph.D. or Masters and with proven writing experience.

Customer Support Agents:

As I had earlier mentioned, I contacted their agents to inquire on a few things including their writers through their exclusive live chat feature. Besides this, they also have an email highlighted on their official website.

My request was answered by one of their agents, Christian, who was quite impressive. He took me through the entire ordering process and even offered me a direct line dedicated to Australian clients after I informed him of my nationality and location. Nonetheless, although I did like his professionalism, it, unfortunately, took me several attempts before he finally responded-which betrayed their promise of efficient customer service and promptness.

Verdict: Poor Quality Papers!

Honestly, I cannot recommend for anyone to go to SuperiorPapers, even those I dislike! Spending such a fortune on a shoddily written paper is simply a crime. Although I can attest to the fact that my first-time paper was worth the price, once you are no longer eligible for their first-time discount, you are only wasting your resources going for them.

Looking back at my experience both with my paper’s writer as well as the SuperiorPapers.com support team, I can’t necessarily say that they are the best writing service available. They, however, have great discounts, various writing services, and welcoming support team. If you don’t mind paying unreasonably high prices and have the patience to wait until the team responds, SuperiorPapers.com is a decent essay writing service. However, they are not an option I would whole-heartedly recommend.