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Hey there! I am a third-year student at North Dakota University, and the first time in my life I received a task from my professor which seemed almost impossible of achievement. I spent several weeks on writing out the information from the latest magazines, searching for necessary information for my research paper on Genetic Engineering. The topic was: “The Next Technological Leap or a Disruption to the Natural Order of Our Planet?” Really hard, isn’t it? I realized that understanding how to write successfully was not enough. The only way out was to apply to an online essay writing service named Paper Masters for help. I want to share my experience about saving your precious time.

General Impression

Paper Masters have been working in San Diego since 1998. Today, the writing service has 4 satellite locations and receive almost 15,000 custom research paper orders a year and here you could buy term paper. I guess they didn’t change the design of their website from that time. It looks out-of-date. There are a lot of special videos like “Research Paper Format” from which you can learn more about the format of academic papers. I find such short videos an informative and helpful source for students and other clients.  The procedure of registering and placing an order is simple.  Indicate the following and wait for someone to reply to you:
•    the deadline you should meet;
•    your contact e-mail.
They promise to provide you with plagiarism-free content; on-time delivery, protected identity and 24-hour customer support.

What about prices?

The main feature of this writing service is that there exist 3 levels:
1)    Undergraduate Level (up to 31$);
2)    Graduate Level (up to 35$ per page);
3)    Masters Level (from 35 $ per page).
Undergraduate research papers are mainly for college students (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior college level research papers). At the graduate level, the writers work on specific theory and use formatting and citation that adheres to strict standards (MLA, Chicago Style, APA…). You are able to order the high-quality theses at Masters Level.
There exist many types of research papers as well as different kinds of research. I chose the Graduate level for my Genetic Engineering research paper.
I suppose that prices are quite reasonable. Are you able to find another cheaper writing service? The same situation happened at LivePaperHelp.

What about Customer Support

You may ask all necessary questions using e-mail. The company should add the function of live chat as it makes the process easier. Indeed, sometimes it is not convenient to check the e-mail, as a person can simply forget about it! Nevertheless, the agent of customer support answered me quickly and to the point.


The process of placing an order is very quick, and the company enables you to check the order status during its completion. I received “B” for the essay which was written by so-called qualified top writers. This fact spoiled my whole positive impression about this service, so I it is up to you to choose it or not.