EssayShark Review – Legitimate Assignment Writing Service or Scam

Today, when hundreds of thousands of websites, various online services including essay writing services, and businesses are appearing every day, the number of scam services is rising at an exponential rate. There are thousands of sites, combinations, and schemes online that seek to have easy money by providing poor quality of services or not providing them at all. It is necessary to be careful and attentive today before using a service that you have never used before. Searching for reviews is one of the most efficient ways to recognize a scammer. One negative review is enough to warn all the others. If you find a single negative review, it is recommended not to use the service and find an alternative. If there are no reviews online, discover the site carefully or find an alternative with positive or negative review, like review about EssayRoo.

General Impression About the Essayshark Website and Company

The first impression of the service is positive. The website is smooth, the categories are clear and understandable, and the design is pleasing. The first impression is positive. In spite of this, the content of the sections is not that good as expected. Different parts of the content repeat the same idea several times. For example, ‘How It Works’ section has a simple, stylish and understandable presentation of the service.


One page costs around $9. In some cases, a discount is possible with a promo code. There is a system that allows writers to bid on your order. You can choose the one that you like by rating and the message they write. But, the messages are a little confusing. First, writers call you “sir.” Yes, it is nice and pleasing, the only thing is that no one is using such form today. It means that you have to be ready that your paper is writing not a native speaker.

How customer support work

The best evidence that the service is legitimate is professional and efficient customer support. There are three ways to receive assistance or answers to your questions:

  • Write an email
  • Register and use a contact form
  • Place an order and contact a writer directly

There is a notice that customer support service works 24/7, but there is no mention of how fast they are answering. One significant disadvantage is the absence of live chat and phone number. It means that in case of any urgent issue there will be no way to receive urgent assistance from the service. It means that in case if a writer delays your paper, you can’t contact a representative and receive an instant replay. scam – Customer Feedbacks

There are plenty of positive reviews on the site. Most of them address to the writers as to the professionals. Many clients write that they have received their works before the deadline. The testimonials published on the website may not always be true. It is always better to look for the reviews on the web. If you have decided to buy a paper, find a writer beforehand and read his or her testimonials. We think that Essayshark is scammers!

Info about the writers

Referring to the content of the website, EssayShark offers various writers who may be native English speakers and may be foreigners. They do not provide Australian essay writing services. It is true that some non-native speakers are better English language experts than native ones. Keep this information in mind if you are looking for a writer online.

There is a section with best writers on the service. They have the best reviews, plenty of awards, and hundreds of completed orders. The website faces that there are writers who have already completed 3469 orders. Let’s assume that a person writes an essay every day, with no weekends and vacations for the last eight years: 365*8=2920 orders. Taking into account that there are high and low seasons, like summer and winter holidays, that a person can’t know how to write my essay for me australia, some of the research works need weeks of research, and that every writer needs vacation and weekends, it is clear that writing 3469 works is impossible meaning that numbers lie to the clients.

The result of Reviews

If you are a busy student and are looking for a professional essay writing help, we recommend finding another online service that provides high quality and timely assistance. Be ready that there are no native English speakers on the service, but keep in mind that they may appear better experts. EssayShark is possible to use if you are ready to risk. There is no live chat or phone number in case of emergency, the content of the website doesn’t stand for academic standards, and the rating of the top writers is mysterious. On the other hand, it may appear not helpful and not cheap.