Writing Services Review

Australian college students looking for essay writing services are familiar with The essay writing help offered does not really meet good standards, especially when referring to meeting deadlines, offering professional assistance, etc.

So, why you should not use website for essay writing services?

General Info About Website and Services

The first thing to address is that this website provides poor essay writing services. A good website that provides essay writing help is supposed to be very responsive. It should be able to help the students find exactly what they are looking for.

Although is a pretty decent website, it lacks the simplicity that many students would be looking for in a website. The company also stresses that their goal is to provide the best essay writing services. However, that is not usually the case as I will further discover.

Experience Working with EssayPro Writers

Getting a professional writer to do the work is very important, especially when it involves complex subjects in the field of medicine. The company provides a list of native-speaking writers who have been rated according to how they have served previous customers. A good number of writers have a high rating, and this means they are more expensive to hire. On the one hand, there are non-natives that are better English language experts than native speakers. On the other hand, the screenshots on the section “How to works” faces the communication between a client and a writer with typos, no comas, no capital letters, and randomly used word ‘kindly.’

Another problem with the service involves communication with the hired writer (if you choose to do so). You will need to communicate with the individual writing the essay so that you can be able to provide any updates. Communication is not always established which can be frustrating. I just need to pay someone to write my essay for me, that’s all.

There is more, some of the ‘top writers,’ like Blassie, have already managed to write 6689 works, which is a complete lie. Relying on this information, it is clear that section ‘Top Writers’ have nothing in common with a real qualification of writers who are working on the service

Verify the Prices

One of the most important subjects is related to the prices of this Australian essay writing service provider. The lowest price for one page is about $12, and this can be quite high for many students. These high prices are quite discouraging, especially the fact that discounts are rarely offered for students who buy essays which have poor quality after all.

Customer Support Satisfaction

Customer service is designed for providing online assistance to customers with questions. This aspect of the website is not that bad, however, customer service is not always available. This means that students in a hurry have a good chance of waiting for the response.

The website also contains a section that allows customers to add their feedback. If you check the site, you will notice that many reviews are positive, you can read a great review about Nevertheless, a good number of clients have complained about tardiness and exclusion of vital information in their essays.

This definitely means that although the site claims that all writers are academic professionals, there are still writers who don’t necessarily know what they are doing and provide scum services.


EssayPro services provided for me were not as expected. The essay was not terrible, but important key information was excluded. Communication with the writer was not good enough to permit the exchange of important updates which led to a misunderstanding. Customer service was initially responsive, but there were times when it was useless preventing any progressive actions from being done. The work was unsatisfactory and definitely needed a lot of planning and proper research, concerning the main subject of the essay.