Practically each of us is happy with subjects in college but how to be with precise disciplines, which often take much time? Informatics is not one of my favorites. I would rather look for theoretical information in a dozen of books in the library than make a presentation.
Nevertheless, I got the task. It was about making a report involving sociological data in Microsoft Excel on topic “Human diversity: the changes we may face in ten years”.
Being in a panic, I began asking friends about any possible way out and one of my groupmates had already ordered paper on After a talk with parents, I decided to follow the idea.

General overview

The main page introduces top-three departments of work, so you may get additional help in Physics, Math and Programming services. The last one was what I exactly needed.
Slogan “Easy as ABC” really encourages you to place an order. You are also given the steps how to get a completed order. They are:
1.    Loading the assignment
2.    Keeping in touch with a support team
3.    Getting a final paper
The number of finished orders at the top of a page is very convincing.
Asking questions is absolutely for free. So, if you need any kind of support, you can have a live chat to solve your problems or issues. OrderPrices

To my deep disappointment, I did not find any information about prices at first, because if you want to know the final cost, you have to upload your task. There is no another way. Also, you should provide service with all requested information, which must include the deadline, type of work and the number of pages.
There was no info about a discount. So, these two points I think to be a big disadvantage, which was discussed in chat by other clients either.
However, writing service offers a refund. If there are any issues, you may ask for a free revision but if you are not satisfied yet, demand a refund. There are some peculiarities. Read all instructions carefully.
The payment system is PayPal but be aware it takes 3% for any transaction. Here a promo code can be needed.

Customer area

If you decide to place an order here, you should create an account, which will be helpful for managing your paper, choosing and contacting a writer.
Your profile will also allow leaving comments. You can take part in a blog also.
You can add some points to a topic or discuss context parts you do not need before the paper gets the status “Done”.
You can also find reviews, and for too. They express the general impression. Positive and negative comments are mixed on one page because sometimes clients mention the aspects of work they do not like. So, the live communication is very useful. Services


You are told that people, who write all assignments, have a Ph.D. degree and writing experience. However, here a writer chooses you. This practice is opposite to many sites, which allow choosing writers by your own and you can pay someone to do assignment.
Eventually, I got the paper. An awful surprise was I could not open it on my laptop because a file was created in another Excel version than my computer accepts. Having no time before the deadline, I asked for a revision. It took several days. In college, I had to explain why I was late with paper, I felt ashamed.
Besides, I took risks. When loading my assignment I did not know the prices. A final cost was not correlated with all problems I faced. I would demand a refund. A pity was I did not have enough time to do that because of a deadline. It would be better for me to search for other solutions than placing an order here because the work was not worth my nerves and money.
To sum up, pay attention to details. If you search for any legit outside help, choose it carefully.